Listen to Kovaceski Music’s “Sorrow” From the Baroque “Forces” Album

By POST-PUNK.COM - February 06, 2024

In the latest musical endeavor to capture the zeitgeist, Kovaceski Music announces the unveiling of an album that stands as a beacon of international collaboration, titled “FORCES”. This collection, featuring a series of singles, is the result of a symphony of efforts by globally renowned artists. Among these luminaries is Vlatko Georgiev, whose evocative tones enrich the instrumental single, Sorrow.

At the helm of this ambitious project is Klime Kovaceski, a maestro known for his dedication to fostering a global community of musical talent. Kovaceski’s vision has consistently sought to bring together the virtuosic skills of artists from diverse backgrounds, aiming to push the boundaries of musical innovation.

FORCES” presents a compelling showcase of this collective artistry, underscoring the rich potential that lies in the collaboration of creative minds. It is an exhibition of the power of joint creation, offering listeners a panoramic view of the prowess and unique perspectives each artist contributes.

Sorrow gives listeners a prime example of the fruits of collaborative efforts. Vlatko Georgiev mastered the synth for the track with the help of Jasmin Misic, and the track was mixed and mastered by Kilien. With nods to Dead Can Dance, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Vangelis, and The Divine Comedy, the elegant single showcases powerful artistry and musicality, marrying strong lyrics and stirring orchestration.

“Vlatko is a well-respected composer and musician from Macedonia who currently lives and works in New Zealand,” said Kovaceski.

In a statement from regarding his participation in the single, “I was very excited to take part in the track Sorrow,” says Georgiev. “This is one of those collaborations that come unexpectedly and unplanned but yet very pleasurable and gratifying. The cinematic feel of Sorrow was very inspiring to me and made my engagement very enjoyable.”

Sorrow” and the rest of the FORCES album can also be streamed here

FORCES” also boasts a roster of distinguished artists who lend their unique voices to the album’s rich palette. Vlatko Terziski delves into the profound depths of “Emptiness,” while Orestis Exintaris leaves a mark with Trace. Ratko Dautovski explores the vast expanses of Distances, and Ilia Mazya captivates with the nuanced Admiration. Jasmin Misic soars high with Eagle, Napoleon Baca commands attention with Ruler, and JOYLIN anchors the collection with the title track Forces.

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