Listen to Klime Kovaceski’s “Illumations” Featuring Svetlana Jovanovska

By POST-PUNK.COM - September 19, 2023

Kovaceski Music unveils the triumphant arrival of the entity’s eighth symphony of sounds, the daringly named ‘DUALITIES.’ This latest masterstroke unfurls a world stage, drawing in gifted musicians from the farthest corners of the globe and plucking at the strings of universal harmony.

Emerging from this international ensemble is the famed siren of Macedonia, the voice of an era, Svetlana Jovanovska. Her vocal chords weave magic in this innovative creation, adding an aura of her renowned charisma to the global symphony. At the helm of this intricate musical tapestry is none other than the virtuoso, Klime Kovaceski. With DUALITIES, he orchestrates a novel, intriguing method to song creation, pushing boundaries and questioning norms, birthing an altogether different breed of melody.

The album was forged from a desire to nurture numerous interpretations of a single musical concept, unfurling a tapestry of sound stories, where every single carries its own narrative, yet they all dance around the central theme. Standouts include the dynamic duos of “CORE“, “HOPES”, “EMPTINESS” and “NICOLA” each in two enthralling parts

The album hosts a myriad of extraordinary talents, like stars in the vast musical cosmos. Among them the Macedonian virtuoso of the clarinet, Vlatko Terziski, whose fingers dance on the instrument, painting vivid images with his notes. The enduring artistic accomplice, Alia Fay, also leaves her indelible mark on the album. Marking her debut in the magnificent world of Kovaceski Music is the enchanting Tihana Nikolic, her first steps in this universe promising an exciting journey ahead. DUALITIES is, in essence, a celebration of musical geniuses coming together to etch unforgettable harmonies on the canvas of the listeners’ hearts

“The lyrics for ‘ILLUMINATIONS’ were written deliberately for Svetlana, which were brilliantly re-written in English by my friend and collaborator Natasha Garrett,” said Kovaceski. “A similar harmonic basis of the music is used for the two versions, also created taking into account the talent and personality of Svetlana. She was inspiring in every case and made the task easy.”

One of the most striking symphonies on the album was crafted with the intention of becoming a bespoke vehicle for the enchanting Svetlana Jovanovska. This song rides on similar harmonic currents for its two versions, with each melody carefully tailored to accentuate Svetlana’s remarkable talent and vivid personality.

Listen to “Illuminations” below:

The complete DUALITIES album can be streamed here.

With nods to Dead Can Dance, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Tuxedomoon, Loreena McKennitt, Vangelis, and The Divine Comedy, each elegant single showcases powerful artistry and musicality met with deep, meaningful vocals, marrying strong lyrics and stirring orchestration. Elements of klezmer, chamber pop, classical orchestra, and various forms of European classical traditions come together in this powerful collection. The emotions are universal…the music is universal…the humanity is universal.

“My music is a mosaic of musical ideas created in collaboration with several special guests,” says Kovaceski, whose own music is rooted in Macedonian culture and language, which gives authentic style and passionate musicality. “The musicians enjoyed the freedom to create without any specific instructions or limitations,” said Kovaceski. “Their talents are guided only by the spirit and nature of the songs on the album.”

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