Listen to the Ethereal World of Klime Kovaceski’s “Collective” Featuring Marianthi and More!

By POST-PUNK.COM - May 25, 2023

Celebrating the connection of spirit and heritage, Miami-based musician Klime Kovaceski announces a gorgeous, expansive new album featuring artists from around the globe, entitled Collective.

Collective features 11 jaw-dropping tracks brimming with the beautiful raw talents of international artists, including Olha Lishchyshyn and Livia Montalesi. The stunning track OhRid features the formidable vocals of Greek singer Marianthi (Instant Boner).

“Marianthi has lots of class and character in her artistry, Olha and Livia are just as spectacular,” said Kovaceski.

“Singing melodies to such mystical instrumentation becomes meditation,” reflects Marianthi. “It heals the soul.”

Kovaceski’s ‘Collective‘ is more than just a remix of his earlier release, ‘Wounds‘; it’s a sonic resurrection, each lyric artfully resuscitated and restructured for a fresh cast of performers. The groundbreaking difference lies not in the words themselves – save for the newly inked lines of “Fate” – but in the aural architecture surrounding them.

With reverberations of Dead Can Dance, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Tuxedomoon, Loreena McKennitt, Vangelis, and The Divine Comedy, each sophisticated track unveils a potent fusion of artistry and sonic prowess, underpinned by profound, poignant vocals that intertwine evocative lyrics with captivating orchestration. Kovaceski carves a unique niche as a bona fide global connoisseur: eschewing the constraints of a single studio, Kovaceski Music’s latest endeavor traverses the globe, forging alliances with artists who contribute their talents on-location. This compelling assemblage marries elements of klezmer, chamber pop, classical orchestra, and various European classical traditions, crafting a transcendent tapestry. The emotions resonate universally, the music transcends boundaries, and the shared humanity reverberates in every note. Where Wounds was entirely sung in Macedonian, Kovaceski translated lyrics into English, crafting cinematic poetry that perfectly offsets the singers’ passionate vocals.

“My music is a mosaic of musical ideas created in collaboration with several special guests,” says Kovaceski. “The musicians enjoyed the freedom to create without any specific instructions or limitations,” said Kovaceski. “Their talents are guided only by the spirit and nature of the songs on the album.”

‘Collective‘ grows from the roots of its predecessor, each note meticulously curated and resurrected, reinventing the soundscape from scratch. No tune is merely recycled; each one is reborn, re-envisioned through the lens of a new band of artists.

Every track on ‘Collective‘ is a dramatic crescendo, a musical odyssey marked by resonant vocals and an almost archaic, ritualistic sense of musical craft. The album treads a fine line between suspense and allure, leaving listeners teetering on the edge of anticipation, ever curious about the surprises the next track might unfurl.

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