Kovaceski Music and Alia Fay Unite for Mesmerizing Melody “Seasons” on New “Bridges” Album

By POST-PUNK.COM - March 02, 2023

Kovaceski Music is an international music project started by Klime Kovaceski that showcases artists’ innate, raw talent, while striking unique collaborations and partnerships. Seasons, a glorious sonic tapestry from Bridges, features the superhuman voice and flute of artist Alia Fay.

Fay, who appeared on Mam Talent TVN as well as other stunning projects in the works, is pure perfection in this song. Together with an international team, Kovaceski and Fay brought the mesmerizing track to life. “Seasons” is a stunning, cinematic revelry blending together styles from around the world, into a single masterpiece. It has the epic soundscape of tracks like Karl Jenkins’ 90s classic Adiemus, with the epic thrills of Enya, Clannad and Enigma…but with a specifically Eastern European flair.

Kovaceski reminisces about choosing Fay: “I asked a well known Macedonian singer, ‘What do you think about Alia Fay?’. He replied, ‘Out of this world!’ Often, few words are enough to define things or people well.” Fay is out of this world: her mindblowing voice spans language with her pure vocal melody; her gorgeous crystalline flute permeating a whole planet of influences and cultures.

“It’s a song with many flavors: Classical European, Middle Eastern, African, and Asian vibes!” says Fay. “So it lives up to its name.”

This exciting project is still underway and features singers and artists from around the world: Goran Tanevski, Saso Klenkoski, Zoran Tortevski, and Risto Solunchev: all artists who embrace cultural, native sounds.

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