Kovaceski Music and Alia Fay Join Forces to Debut the Mesmerizing Melody “Seasons” on New ‘Bridges’ Album

By publisher logo - January 29, 2023

Fay offers the incredible flute and vocals performance for this beautiful new single


Kovaceski Music has announced the debut of a brand new highly anticipated album, ‘Bridges’. This exciting project is still underway and features singers and artists from around the world such as Goran Tanevski, Saso Klenkoski, Zoran Tortevski, and Risto Solunchev who embrace cultural, native sounds. Artist Alia Fay also offered her talents for one of the album’s tracks, “Seasons” (video: Abdullah S.).

“Seasons” is a stunning revelry blending together styles from around the world into a single masterpiece. When asked her take on the style, Fay said, “It’s a song with many flavors: Classical European, Middle Eastern, African, and Asian vibes! So it lives up to its name – SEASONS.”

Klime Kovaceski, who is at the helm of Kovaceski Music and the unique international albums the project produces, was asked about choosing Fay to be part of ‘Bridges’. “I asked a well known Macedonian singer, ‘What do you think about Alia Fay?’. He replied, ‘Out of this world!’. Often, few words are enough to define things or people well.”

She had already been featured on Mam Talent TVN and had several stunning projects under her belt. He need no further encouraging to have her aboard ‘Bridges’. Together with an international team, Kovaceski and Fay brought “Seasons” to life. Fay offers the crystal clear flute and vocals heard throughout the single. Other team members who helped with the single included Napoleon Baca for synth, Kilien for mix/master, Lasko Dzurovski for typography, and art by Nikola Pijanmanov.

The album is officially available for streaming as songs such “Fake Queen”, “Youth”, “Trace”, “Saviour”, and “Shadow” are released. More songs are slated for debut. See the latest on the ‘Bridges’ album at https://www.kovaceskimusic.com/.

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