Kovaceski Music Unveils ‘HORIZON’, an Album Celebrating Individuality and Freedom of Spirit

By publisher logo - February 14, 2023

Guest artist Anastasia featured on one of the album’s featured singles. “Horizon”


Klime Kovaceski, artist and creator of Kovaceski Music, has officially unveiled his latest album, ‘HORIZON’. This riveting new album features folk music with a blend of contemporary vocals and a suspenseful sound that captures the heart, mind, and soul.

Kovaceski says ‘HORIZON’ is an album hinging upon individuality and freedom of spirit, and with its unbridled tempo and throbbing beats, ‘HORIZON’ captivates audiences with its thirteen track lineup.

This lineup includes singles such as “Horizon”, which features the vocalist Anastasia. “Horizon” also features special guests Jasmin Misic (synth), Aleks Petkovski (kaval), Kilien (mix/master), Lasko Dzurovski (typography), and Abdullah S. (video). The song is a rhythmic, tribal tune with alluring vocals set against a deep background of bass and drums. The official video stuns, as well, and can be seen in its entirety at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9fYm55bE4UA&t=2s.

“Most of the music from the album ‘HORIZON’ has been with me for a long, long time,” said Kovaceski. “I’m glad that it’s been brought to fruition and can finally be shared with people around the world.”

Other singles on ‘HORIZON’ include “Glow”, “Oath”, “Seeking”, “Contempt”, “Fortress”, “Echo”, “Admiration”, “Exit”, “Guilt”, “Gift”, “Expression”, and “Bridge”.

‘HORIZON’ is one of several special projects spearheaded by Kovaceski Music. This project has sought out talented artists from around the world to create a series of albums centering around various themes which explore the rawness of the human experience. Learn more about ‘HORIZON’ and other albums from Kovaceski Music by visiting https://www.kovaceskimusic.com.

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