‘COLLECTIVE’ Album from Kovaceski Music Released, Featuring Marianthi from the Instant Boner Band

By publisher logo - February 02, 2023

‘Collective’ presents 11 chilling singles showcasing the raw talents of international artists


Kovaceski Music has announced the release of the ‘Collective’ album, which features 11 jaw-dropping tracks brimming with the beautiful raw talents of international artists including Marianthi from the band Instant Boner.

Instant Boner is a psychedelic stoner rock band from Thessaloniki, Greece, formed in 2013. They’ve played alongside a variety of musical greats featuring Marianthi’s strong vocals and their strong rock musicality as centerpieces.

Enter Klime Kovaceski, who passionately collaborates with remarkable artists from around the world to showcase their talents in curated albums. He reached out to Marianthi, as well as to Olha Lishchyshyn and Livia Montalesi, for his latest album, ‘Collective’.

“Marianthi has lots of class and character in her artistry, Olha and Livia are just as spectacular,” said Kovaceski.

Marianthi expressed how she enjoyed working on “OhRid”, “Singing melodies to such mystical instrumentation becomes meditation. It heals the soul.”

The ‘Collective’ album uses the same lyrics as were featured on the ‘Wounds’ album from Kovaceski Music, but the defining difference in the albums is the sound. All of the music on the ‘Collective’ album was built from the ground up, each song masterfully reimagined for the new performers. One such is example is Marianthi’s version of “OhRid”. Plus, there is a bonus on the album: brand new lyrics were given for the song “Fate”.

The lineup of tracks for on ‘Collective’ includes “Trace”, “Sparks”, “Emptiness”, “Sources”, “A Call”, “Longing”, “Wounds”, “Sunrise”, “Shadow”, and “Fate”, all of which are punctuated by the ringing vocals of artists including Marianthi and an ancient revelry of musicality. Dramatic, brooding, and suspenseful, each track leaves listeners wondering what will come next.

Hear the album now at https://www.kovaceskimusic.com/music-collective.html.

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