Kovaceski Music is a creative project teaming Macedonian/American songwriter Klime Kovaceski with talented singers and musicians from around the globe.

"At the helm of this ambitious project is Klime Kovaceski, a maestro known for his dedication to fostering a global community of musical talent. Kovaceski’s vision has consistently sought to bring together the virtuosic skills of artists from diverse backgrounds, aiming to push the boundaries of musical innovation."


Klime Kovaceski


Klime Kovaceski

Mix & Master:

Tijan Jazadzievski


Nikola Pijanmanov

English translation:

Natasha Garrett


Iva Jazadzievska


Branko Ristovski

Special guests:

Kilien Villoing, mix & master (France)
Vlatko Terziski, clarinet (Macedonia)
Ratko Dautovski, percussions (Macedonia)
Nicola D’Adamo, drums (Italy)
Alexander Gloshkin, bass (Ukraine)
Jasmin Mišić, synth (Croatia)
Napoleon Baca, synth (Venezuela)
Joylin, violin (Romania)
Nina, violin (Georgia)
German Dmitriev, violin (Russia)
Orestis Exintaris, Saxophone (Greece)
Sebastian Gottlieb, piano (Germany)
Norlene, cello (Colombia)
Ilia Mazia, duduk (Israel)
Erkan Erginci, duduk (Turkey)
Donia Anis, vocal (Egypt)
Risto Solunchev, vocal (Macedonia)
Saso Klenkoski, vocal (Macedonia)
Svetlana Jovanovska, vocal (Macedonia)
Tihana Nikolic, vocal (Germany)
Alia Fay, vocal (Poland)
Mailén Arriola , vocal (Argentina)
Marianthi, vocal (Greece)
Olha Lishchyshyn, vocal (Ukraine)
Liliia Kysil, vocal (Ukraine)
Azuma, vocal (Turkey)
Livia Montalesi, vocal (Italy)
Anastasia Kareva, vocal (Russia)
Lora Yaneva, vocal (Sweden)
Emilia Neh, vocal (South Africa)
Ashish Ali, vocal (India)


Lasko Dzurovski